Why you should invest in longevity when choosing your office furniture

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When it comes to office furniture, if you buy cheap you’ll end up paying for it in the long run, so it’s important not to skip over this fact when deciding on office furniture.

After considering the operational costs and other overheads, it’s understandable that many business owners decide to move the buying of quality furniture to the bottom of the priority list. After all, maybe that old desk and chair in the storeroom can do the job just as well as a new one – but quality is a long-term investment. 

The World Economic Forum website said, “As the nature of work evolves, office furniture is changing to keep pace but the basics – a good desk, supportive chairs, and comfortable break-out areas are still the essential design elements.” 

Apart from looking good and adding to the general aesthetic appeal of the office, quality furniture seldom needs repairing or servicing and can often last for up to a decade. So while the initial outlay may seem high, it makes financial sense in the long term. 

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when purchasing new office furniture is to buy first and then only consider the layout. But it’s absolutely crucial that your furniture physically fits into the intended space. Of course, the furniture must also suit the ‘look’ of the designated space. 

How to know if furniture is not good quality

You can immediately distinguish good quality furniture from poor quality with the naked eye. Good quality furniture will be neat and sturdy, and made from quality materials. 

Another trademark of good workmanship are drawers that open and close smoothly.  When choosing furniture, avoid chairs and tables that have jagged cut lines, or where the glue is still visible in the joints. 

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Other trademarks of poor workmanship include visible gaps in the joints, drawers that stick, and cupboard /cabinet doors that don’t shut securely or are hung skew 

Why it’s important to invest in good quality

Investing in quality furniture is not just a sensible investment for your business, but goes further by contributing to your employees’ well-being in the workplace. 

Employees need the correct equipment to get the job done, which includes furniture that supports them and the task at hand. The furniture in your office space reveals a lot about your company and the culture within, so be sure you send the right message. 

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