What is Space Pairing™ and why you need it?

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What is Space Pairing™ and why you need it?

Most people choose an office space first, and then get a designer to build and craft the interior. Here’s why that’s a process that could cost you in the long run.

Imagine this scenario:

Spending days, weeks, maybe even months looking for your company’s ideal office space. You finally find something you think is perfect and you sign a three year lease. Then you bring in an interior designer, brief them on what you need from the space and leave it in their hands. Then your designer calls you and says, “The space won’t work for what you want”. You’re now locked into a long-term lease, and while a great designer can work with the space they have, you’re not going to get what you want.

We’ve faced this scenario many times before and what we find is that most people don’t realise that choosing a new office space is a long-term commitment, and one which should involve more consideration from a functional space perspective.

It’s something you should ensure you have right before you commit, and a realtor alone isn’t going to get you the right space. What you really want is someone who will do a needs analysis of your unique requirements and then teams up with a great realtor to find you something that fits your functional, day-to-day needs.

Jill Mungo

“Every organisation is unique and therefore a unique space solution is required. After feedback from many clients on their disappointment in the office space they had selected and committed to, we wanted to assist companies in making an informed choice based on their company’s functional and operational needs.”

– Jill Munger, time&space CEO

What you need is someone who can assess your space needs and assist in finding the right space from both a form AND function perspective. That’s where Space Pairing™ comes in.

But what is it? Let’s find out:

What is Space Pairing™?

It’s a service we offer where we find you the ideal office space that matches your unique needs, and then create a design to optimise the shell into your perfect space. This isn’t a simple property search service, it’s a full turnkey office design and placement service.

We start by doing a workspace needs analysis with you and then, using our years of design and space planning experience, go in search of the perfect space for your functional needs.

“You wouldn’t move into a house that didn’t suit your needs, so why do it with your office? With Space Pairing™ we make sure your home away from home feels like home.”

– Stefan Ruperto, time&space COO


Why you need Space Pairing™

Moving offices is a hassle to begin with, but knowing you’ve committed to a space that isn’t working for what you want can be stressful and costly. Space is expensive and if you commit to a space only to find out it’s not right for your needs, it’ll cost you more over time. Especially if you need to tailor the wrong space to your needs, which could mean doing extra construction or buying more furniture.    

“A tailored suit always fits better than something off the rack. Shouldn’t your office space be tailored to suit you?”

– Derek Stedman, time&space CFO


Using our Space Pairing™ service also helps you save time and reduces the frustration of finding a new space. You come to us with your space requirements and, using four easy steps, we determine how much and what kind of space you need, we then speak to our broker partners and find you the right office space.

Now that you know what Space Pairing™ is and why you need it, contact us and we’ll do a consultation.

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