Property Brokers: What you should expect from your space planner

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As a property broker, some of the most valuable partnerships you can cultivate are with professional, reliable and talented space planners who can help your clients see the full potential of a space. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a space planner to work with.

Experience and qualifications

While this may seem self-explanatory, finding a space planner who has the necessary credentials and experience is of the utmost importance.

Doing a thorough background check and following up on the references provided is an absolute must before getting a space planner on board with a project. The reason being, there are many people practising as interior design professionals without qualifications in space planning, ergonomic design and technical drawing.

Working with someone whose qualifications tick all the boxes will offer you peace of mind that you are truly offering your clients the best service possible.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a space planner to work with are the types of projects they already have behind their name. Different spaces require different approaches, therefore it’s a good idea to have a good relationship with a variety of space planners who each have their own area of expertise. For instance, the design behind a call centre would be entirely different to that of a state-of-the-art advertising agency. Even though most space planners have diverse portfolios, certain properties may call for a specialist eye. In these cases, it’s important to find someone who can offer a niche service.

Site walk around and test fit layouts

Once you have a suitable space planner on board, they will be able to assist in giving your client a good idea of a space’s potential.

The first step will be to arrange a site walk, where the client can share their vision with the site planner. The site planner can then give the client initial advice on the different spaces and how they could work with what the client has in mind.  

The test fit layout is helpful to confirm that the given space is suitable for the client’s needs in terms of size. Also, that it has sufficient space for client-facing areas and sufficient facilities such as meeting rooms, breakaway areas, etc. The test fit layout will also help the potential tenant visualise their requirements in the space. Ultimately, the test fit layout will help your client make a commitment to the space.

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Mutual benefit

One of the most important things to remember about the relationship you cultivate with a space planner is that it should offer mutual benefit.

Typically, the initial services offered to brokers by space planners are, often, entirely on risk and at no charge, until the designer is appointed to the project.

Getting the very best space planner on board for any given project can help ensure good and reliable service to the client, which in turn could be the determining factor in whether they choose to close the deal or not.

What we offer

At time & space, we offer space planning services tailored to the specific needs of every client.

Before starting the design process, we’ll do a thorough analysis of both the space and what the client envisions for it and requires from it. With every space we plan, we want to make sure it’s not only the furniture that fits, but that the space is easy to navigate and the overall office layout is conducive to productivity.

In our commitment to offer clients the best possible services, we ensure that we’re always up-to-speed with workspace planning practices as well as the latest offerings in technology and office furniture solutions.

Our Office Space Calculator will give you an estimation of how much space you need so choosing the right office space will be easier.

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