Our combined 75 years of experience helps us design functional office spaces

We live and breathe time&space design consultants and work very closely as partners. Here’s how we use our 75 years of combined experience to design functional commercial spaces.

time&space design consultants started from humble beginnings with no capital investment and in the “back room” of a scuba diving shop – using borrowed space and furniture, and even hand-drawn design presentations. We very quickly found our “own” space with state of the art technology and are producing world-class designs!

According to Art Bistro, an online creative industry website, “Designers are hired for their expertise in a variety of categories, not for their own personal style. Clients want their designer to be the facilitator of their own personal style. A designer’s reputation is a result from the positive, personal experience with the client. There are specific core strengths of an interior designer that correlate with success.”

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Although we started as a small company, we have the best team members that provide insights and offer different skill sets to look at projects from different perspectives. Today we work anywhere and at any time, so the office spaces we design must be technologically up to date, have hot desks and allow the staff to come and go as they please. In the past, offices had to be big in order to accommodate all of the items and desks needed to do your job, but today with space being so expensive, it can be smaller and based anywhere. We take this into account when designing office spaces.

Below are some reasons why we’re so successful as a team with over 75 years of combined experience:

1. Our team is our most important asset

Our team comes from various backgrounds and bring different characteristics and skills to the table. Jill Munger is our CEO and manages our marketing efforts on a day-to-day basis. She’s a passionate interior designer and has been in the interior design industry for 24 years. Stefan Ruperto is our COO and has over 26 years of experience in the architectural and interior design industries. Derek Stedman is the CFO of the company and is responsible for all the financial aspects of the business.

2. Our business model makes us unique

We have a very straightforward corporate model which normally includes a strict time frame and a solid budget from the client’s side. We’re a one-stop service provider and pride ourselves in delivering a full turnkey solution for clients where we’ll actively look for a suitable office space, manage contractors and suppliers, stick to the timing programme and budget and, most importantly, hold our client’s hands throughout the process.

According to Kobus Rossouw, Client Account Executive as Forensic Data Analysts, “The professional approach the t&s team showed and the hands-on project management made the whole process easy. I would definitely use them again on any project of this nature.”

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3. There’s no such thing as “can’t”

Says Stefan, “At time&space there is no such thing as it ‘can’t be done’. You design it and we will find a way to build it. Our creativity is endless and we continuously strive to please our clients and their needs.”

Derek believes, “We do not set boundaries; time is infinite, space is infinite, therefore our creativity is infinite. Our only limitations are set by the project parameters as all projects are unique in their own way and have to be approached differently to achieve the best result and solution for our clients.”

Our team has a vast wealth of knowledge which differentiates us from our competitors. Our unique relationships with contractors, suppliers and clients establish us as great designers delivering great value.

Lorin van Lelyveld, Trade Marketing Executive from Mediamark and time&space client, says, “The service I have received from them has been outstanding from the onset. I would highly recommend using time&space, from creative solutions to project management, they are efficient and easy to work with.”

With the experience we’ve gained over the years, we know we need to move with the times as technological and cultural changes have dramatically changed the way in which an office space is viewed and used. To have a team with combined 75 years of experience is a blessing for which we’re extremely grateful. We draw inspiration from one another’s experience on a daily basis and this ensures that our projects are all successful.

If you’d like to use our combined 75 years of experience to design a productive office space for your business, contact us below:

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