Office design tips: How to choose the right office chair [Part 4]

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Finding the right office chair is not only about its appearance. Improve the productivity of your staff members by investing in good, ergonomic office chairs.

Choosing the right office chairs for your business is all about comfort. Don’t get us wrong, we love aesthetics, but we also have to take ergonomics and the overall health of your employees into account. Good office chairs make it a lot easier to do your job and have many health benefits including reduced back pain, improved productivity and employee wellness.

According to Digital Trends, a technology and lifestyle website, “The best chairs go beyond what you’d expect. Many offer resounding ergonomic benefits, breathable mesh backing, and excellent lumbar support, while simultaneously granting you a swath of customisation options spanning everything from colours to contours. None of them are going to be a cure-all for your workday woes — at least, not in the way a standing desk might be — but customised suspension and the appropriate aesthetics go far in the long run.”

What factors should you consider before purchasing office chairs?

Although beautiful office chairs fit in well with the company’s branding or culture, ergonomics is always a very important concept to consider. Ask these questions to help you make an informed decision.

  1. How many hours a day do you sit in your chair?
  2. What kind of work do you do?
  3. Is the office chair you’re considering buying comfortable?
  4. What is the size of the office chair?
  5. Does the office chair suit your body type?
  6. What fabric is the office chair made from?
  7. What is the quality and reputation of the manufacturer?
  8. Will the office chair complement your brand identity and culture?

Why is ergonomics important when choosing office chairs?

Our CEO, Jill Munger, believes well-designed office chairs take the human body into consideration regarding posture, reach and length of position. Different chairs are designed with different functions in mind. A well-designed task chair, for example,  is created to support your body for long periods of sitting while writing, typing or attending a meeting. It also allows easy swivel and movement. Task chairs are height adjustable and tiltable so the chair can be adjusted according to individual body dimensions height and weight) for maximum comfort.  A visitors’ chair or chairs used in meeting rooms have little or no flexibility or adjustability, because the chair is used by multiple people for shorter amounts of time.

Officechairs, a website that reviews chairs says, “If you are spending most of the day anchored to a chair at a desk, then you want to find the proper desk chair that is going to be nice to your body. A chair that doesn’t conform to your body and supports certain areas such as your back and legs can actually cause long-term aches and pains, plus deteriorate your posture.”

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Why is it important for office chairs to look aesthetically pleasing, and improve employees’ overall well-being and productivity?

Productivity is the biggest reason for improved wellbeing at work. If employees are happy, healthy and comfortable, they will produce better results. Injuries caused by long periods of time spent on uncomfortable office chairs will result in employee downtime… and nobody looks forward to being uncomfortable!

What are the trendiest office chairs for this year?

Office chairs tend to change in look to suit the interior of office spaces. Chairs have become streamlined and lighter in appearance. However, the biggest trend this year is in comfort. Companies are realising the importance of comfortable seating for their staff and are willing to invest in improved quality and comfort.

Need help with choosing a trendy office chair? Below is a list of our preferred suppliers.

From humble beginnings in 1996, Technochair has grown to become a sustainable company serving the office seating industry with distinction. With state of the art technology in their industry, they can provide innovative products along with customer centric service, as they continue to strive for excellence in both the manufacturing and design of their products ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Image form Technochair - Airo medium back chair

Image form Technochair – Airo medium back chair

Seating creates sustainable workplaces promoting creativity, people’s health and productivity. They established their office and soft-seating divisions four decades ago  and were the first South African company to design, produce and distribute furniture for the corporate, retail, and hospitality markets in Africa and abroad.

Image from Seating - Sabrina Smart

Image from Seating – Sabrina Smart

No matter how you look at it, an office chair should always be as comfortable as possible to keep your employees healthy and happy.

After all, “If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it!”  Robert de Niro.

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