Office design tips: How to choose the right desks for your office [Part 5]

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Whether you’re starting from the beginning or refurbishing your office space, getting expert advice to make the right long-term choice for fundamental elements like desks, will optimise your office space.

One of the most important components of an office space is choosing the right desks. You have to decide how many desks you need, what type of desks are suitable, and the style that best suits your company and your office space. When choosing desks for your office space, the most important thing to remember is that form follows function. The role you play in the company will determine what type of desk you get.

A great example is comparing the roles of a CEO and a call-centre agent. The workload for these two roles is very different and will dictate the desk space required for the job. The work surface size increases with functionality. Knowledge workers who are specialists in their industry, such as accountants and lawyers, will often need a larger workspace and therefore a larger desk.

Storage and technology

The technology required for different jobs also plays an important role when choosing the type and size of a desk. It’s important to think about where you’ll place what devices and how you will power them before making your final desk selection.

A desk with very few drawers may have modern visual appeal, but might not be practical. However, a desk with more drawers than you need can seem too cluttered and busy. Think about what items you want to keep within easy reach when you’re seated and use that information to determine how much drawer space you need.

How office design affects the choice of desks

Open-plan office spaces are common across industries. Desks suited to these spaces come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles. They’re designed to fit together in clusters, banks or groups so they’re space efficient. They also have cleverly designed functionality to accommodate cabling for technological devices and compact storage.

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Types of desks

Standing desks have been trending for some time, but not every office space needs them. The demand for standing desks often comes from senior management and executives who are constantly out of their office in meetings, conferences and the likes. Many standing desks are modifiable with hydraulic systems so you can enjoy the health benefits of movement and choose certain positions.

Executive desks, traditionally used by CEOs and MDs to convey seniority, have largely fallen away. Many executives now prefer to be in the open-plan office space to be more approachable to their employees and be a part of the company culture making big executive desks redundant. Hot-desks and office hoteling are also popular trends due to companies downsizing their office space. These are desks or workstations that are shared and not dedicated to one person.

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The most expensive desks are not always best

Cost will always be a factor when designing or redesigning your office space. Choosing a desk made completely out of timber will most likely hurt your pocket and that’s why most desks are made out of laminate products.

Laminate desks are used often for open-plan desks as they are hard wearing and cost-effective and consist of a composite board (chipboard or MDF) covered with a layer of lamination (thin paper-based product with a plastic coating) bonded together under pressure and heat.

Agility is key

Agile desking is the kind of desking that allows you to add to it. It can’t be extended, but additional components can be added on to create larger banks of open-plan desks. The desks you get for your office space should be easily assembled and disassembled in the case of your company moving or replanning the office.

It’s always best to get office furniture that uses space efficiently. The longevity of your desk is very dependent on the materials it’s made from and you can’t guarantee that from a non-reputable furnisher. Listen to the experts when it comes to choosing the right finishes for all your office furniture, including desks.

The ideal workplace is an environment nurturing the wellbeing of people and supports them to be as productive as possible. Choosing the right desk to make this ideal a reality takes thoughtful consideration and expert advice.

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