Is your business ready for more collaboration spaces?

By 19th June 2019 July 20th, 2020 Office Design Tips, Space Planning
Is your business ready for more collaborative space?

Collaboration spaces go beyond the traditional boardroom. Find out how to ensure you get the right collaboration space for your business needs.

In today’s world, many businesses understand the various benefits of working together but often do not have enough space in their offices for collaboration – sometimes none at all. Collaboration spaces should be viewed as a necessity in every business because they are so beneficial.

What is a collaboration space really?

Collaboration spaces within your office or organisation are for employees to come together with a common goal for any amount of time. The space facilitates team collaboration, so those using the space can focus on the task at hand.

Breaking away from the norm

Many businesses have the traditional collaboration spaces like breakaway areas which are usually used as places for colleagues to sit and have lunch together or to have informal meetings. These spaces can easily be reworked into a multi-functional space that allows for collaboration.

The traditional boardroom no longer exists in this modern age. Yes, you may have presentations where there is one person driving the meeting but your space needs to allow for others to join in if necessary. Businesses need a boardroom that can also be a collaboration space. This means having plug points in several areas so more people can plug in their laptops to collaborate on tasks.

No matter what industry your business is in, your collaboration spaces need to have something to inspire those who use it.

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Redesigning vs. moving out

The first step when considering adding collaboration spaces in your office is to look at your current office space and consider how you can utilise it more effectively. You’ll be surprised how many offices have a ‘dead space’ – an area where there are empty desks not being used or temporarily used as a storage place.. If your business has such an area, it could be redesigned as a collaboration space.

Will your employees use it?

Project management and collaborative systems company Nutcache says,“For creating a perfect collaborative workspace, you need to encourage your people to work with cross-functional teams outside of their job description.” If you plan to create more collaboration spaces in your business, your company culture and work ethos need to nurture your employees working together beyond their job description. Not only is this beneficial for your business but also for your employees’ personal growth.

The saying: ‘form follows function’ rings true when considering creating more collaboration spaces in your business. If your company consists mainly of focused workers who work alone, then there might not be a need to create more collaboration spaces. Nothing in an office should ever be created and enforced – it has got to be created with a purpose in mind or it may become yet another dead space.

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