Ensure your office has the best quality furniture without any capex outlay through our asset finance option.

Deciding on and having access to the right furniture for your office space is a crucial component in employee productivity and company success, but initial financing of good quality furniture often poses a hurdle to business owners.

For optimised productivity, employees need the right tools. So suitable, quality office furniture is not something to be taken lightly.

Think of it this way… If you’re willing to finance an entire fleet of vehicles or even a printer, why wouldn’t you rent your office furniture?

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The benefits of financing furniture

The option of financing your furniture through a rental agreement enables you to access the best furniture and office equipment for you and your employees when you need it, with added financial benefits.

  • It’s an Opex outlay rather than a Capex one, freeing up this money to be used elsewhere in the business.
  • No deposit required.
  • Rental finance is fully tax deductible from the annual taxable profit.
  • Vat is paid & claimed monthly, not capitalised up front
  • Monthly instalments can be reduced by agreeing to an annual escalation of your premium.
  • Furniture can be replaced and upgraded during periods stipulated in your contract.
  • Flexible end-of-agreement options can be negotiated.
  • At the end of your contract a greatly reduced price can be negotiated for an extended rental period.
  • When ‘renting’ furniture you record only the rental expense instead of the significantly higher purchase price in your finances, which results in a cleaner balance sheet.
  • Keep track with technology by upgrading your furniture on a continuous basis.

What furniture can you have financed?

Essentially, any movable asset, which includes furniture, audio-visual equipment, artwork, objet & accessories; from a boardroom table to an ergonomic office chair, or even video and teleconferencing technology can be financed.

Do I qualify?

Any business can qualify, as long as it has been operating for 3 years.

The application process

Below are the basic requirements needed for your application process, but additional information may be necessary if required by the funders.

  • Fully completed and signed credit application form.
  • Latest signed financial statements.
  • If the financial statements are older than 6 months, management accounts will be required.
  • Director’s ID copies.
  • Confirmation of banking details.
  • 3-months bank statements.
  • Supplier quote.

Our partners

As office interior experts, we’ve partnered with an asset finance company, Sizwe Asset Finance, to offer you a rental solution for the movable assets of an interior project.

furniture rentals
furniture rentals
furniture rentals

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