Why Our Clients Love Us

By 29th January 2016 July 24th, 2018 Interior Design, Space Planning
Why Our Clients Love Us

All of time&space design consultants clients love us from the start to the end of a project.

This love affair continues even once the project has been completed as every staff member at time&space design consultants not only gives the client 100% throughout the whole project from the design to the project implementation but even once the project has been completed and handed over to the client.

We hold our clients’ hand every step of the way and take away all of the unnecessary stress by keeping our client informed on exactly what is going on with every aspect of the project from space planning, to design, to construction, to finishes and furniture installation.

Not only do we manage our own suppliers and contractors we also manage the clients contractors on behalf of the client.

Every project time&space design consultants has done over the last 16 years has been completed within budget and as per the agreed timing which results in minimal down time for our clients workforce.

This all allows our client and their staff to have a smooth, stress free, project.

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