Why is space planning so important in your office space?

By 23rd November 2015 July 24th, 2018 Interior Design, Space Planning
Why is space planning so important in your office space?

By Pearl Gogela

Your work environment is important because this is the place where you spend most of your time and it’s important to feel comfortable. The composition of an office space requires innovative thinking and clever design solutions to make it practical whilst remaining simple, clean. Efficient space planning methods ensure that the overall flow of the office layout encourages productivity.

When applying good space planning principles, a good understanding of what the requirements are of the office’s occupants is important. An office space must to adapt to the needs of the workers and feel natural, therefore elements such as the technical and electrical equipment which are needed for the function of the space, must be planned in, also leaving some open plan spaces is not only important for circulation but it becomes a place for opportunities such as small meeting Pods to occur. Packed work areas cause employees to be less productive. With this in mind It is also important to evaluate which areas will be used for “public space “and which areas will be designated as private space, some thought must be put into the way employees work, for example do they spend a lot of time collaborating or whether they are more isolated when they work, depending on the nature of the business, these are a few elements must be put into consideration for a successful office place.

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