5 Questions we encourage our clients to ask before we start an office design project

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It’s important to ask your space planner a lot of questions before they start with your office design project. Here are a few questions to think about.

Office spaces are evolving at a rapid pace which can result in the need for new office design. However, before a redesign or new office design project can take place, it’s very important to ask as many questions as possible. From the brand CI to the type of furniture used in the office space, all elements should come together in the final reveal of the office space.

According to Truspace, a design-led interior solutions company in Canada, “You have to consider how your office environment is going to play a positive role towards the accomplishment of your company goals before designing or refashioning an office space to meet the requirements of today’s rapidly changing workplace.”

Here are five questions you should ask your space planner before starting your office design project:

It’s always a good idea to try and think how employees use an office space before putting your ideas to paper. The space planner will ask many detailed questions in order to extract a brief from the client. If the space planner doesn’t take a good brief, they can’t create the solution the client needs. It takes an experienced office space designer to know what to ask.

1. What does the project timeline look like and when can I move into my office space?

We know you’d like to move into your new office space as soon as possible, but it’s really important to work with your space planner to create a detailed project timeline first as this outlines the responsibilities of both the client and space planner beforehand.

Clarizen, a collaborative work management solution states, “A project timeline is the easiest and most efficient way to track and manage a project’s planned activities. It gives a clear picture of the project’s course at a single glance. By breaking down the project life span into smaller parts, you and your team will be better able to understand where everyone stands, follow every project phase and spot any weak points, avoiding missed deadlines and unreached milestones that have an impact on work productivity.”

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2. What does our project budget look like?

Before proceeding with any space planning or design project, it’s best to have a detailed budget in place. As stated in one of our previous articles, “Budget parameters need to be established, or your designer will not have any boundaries within which to tailor the design. All design decisions are based on the budget constraints. Structure, finishes, and furnishings specifications need to be in line with the approved budget.”

We cost all of the above to give you a detailed quotation. At this point we also offer a detailed interior design presentation with a timing programme for your site installation process.

3. Do you offer a full turnkey service (including design, management and build)?

A full turnkey service is a project where the office interior designer agrees to fully design, construct and equip a business with a project or office space ready for operation. Make sure your space planner offers a full turnkey service so you don’t have to worry about bringing other suppliers on board.

At time&space this is where we get creative with designing an office interior space solution for your business. This includes space planning, interior design and decor, a custom concept, and furniture design. The entire office interior design process delivers what you need.

4. How do you guarantee your workmanship?

A successful office design project requires a strict project plan and manager. It’s also very important to make sure that the project comes with guarantees so you’re able to address any problems as soon as the design is completed.

5. May I have previous customer testimonials?

Customer testimonials help establish credibility and are a true showcase of your work. This, in turn, helps increase brand reputation and awareness. It’s also important for clients to view your work as they can immediately get an idea of the look and feel of projects.  At time&space, we are very proud of the kind of work we deliver for our clients and we love showcasing their projects and testimonials on our website. Make sure you always ask for testimonials and examples of previous projects as this will help you make informed decisions about choosing the right space planner.

These are just a few questions you can ask your space planner, but always make sure you ask as many questions as possible to determine if your space planner is a good fit for your office design project and your business.

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