4 reasons to choose a modular workspace design

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4 reasons to choose a modular workspace design

Looking to create a more flexible workspace? Employing a modular design could be what you need.

The nature of how the workspace is used has changed. Silos are no longer viewed as productive, and collaboration and flexibility are instead the driving forces for many businesses today. This doesn’t just apply to working strategies, but also to the spaces provided in the corporate environment.

In fact, design expert Joan Blumenfeld says, “Workspaces should flex to provide a variety of spaces and destinations for workers to inhabit that promote movement throughout the day.”

So, how can you be collaborative and flexible with the space you have? We recommend looking at creating a modular design.

What is a modular design?

In a nutshell, a modular design allows you to use the same space for different functions, like a meeting space that can also be a collaboration space or breakaway space as well as team huddle space. It also incorporates furniture that can be broken up and put together in different ways, almost like playing with Lego, where you take a set of desks apart and put them together to fill a different purpose.

With modular furniture, your employees can move their desks around to allow for more collaborative spaces. They can all join in a circle to have a meeting, or sit separately to do something more focused.

What are the benefits of choosing a modular design?

1. You’ll save money

Modular furniture is designed to be moved easily within the space; this in essence is translates to cost savings. The ease of moving means that you’re not wasting time and energy. It also means that the initial installation is quicker and there’s no need for heavy machinery to bolt down items, which also means you don’t need to spend extra budget on on-site labour requirements.

2. You’ll have more flexibility in the future

Want to make a change to the floor design of your office space? Or maybe you have changed the dynamic of your teams and want to move people around? With a modular design, this can be done easily and quickly. This kind of furniture can be easily reconfigurable to accommodate your evolving needs, giving you the freedom and flexibility to design your workspaces around changing needs.  

3. Your company culture will shine

Company culture extends to more than just the way your employees behave. It’s about how they work as well. If you have a progressive company culture that moves with the times and uses a flexible approach to working in collaboration, a modular design is what you need. Why? Because it’s difficult to retain a progressive company culture when you have a set look and feel in the office.

4. Your workspaces become dynamic and collaborative

Some people think that just because you have an open plan layout your space is collaborative – but that’s not the case. A truly collaborative space requires more than just people in the same room. It’s about creating a space where people’s mind frame shift to being collaborative. Modular furniture allows you to move furniture to put people into a collaborative setting without having to build a specific “room” in the office. This gives you dynamic workspaces that can be both collaborative and private.

At the end of the day, a modular workspace won’t be right for every business, but if you’re looking to create a dynamic space, it’s the design we recommend.

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